About ABC

OUR MISSION: To promote a better quality of life for all residents of Benzie County.

OUR GOALS: To identify the impediments and possible solutions by means of open, public forums, and facilitate plans for improvements to assure a sustained, year-round economy to benefit the residents of Benzie County.
Those plans, among others, include:

  • Strategies to provide adequate, affordable workforce housing.
  • An improved infrastructure designed for future growth.
  • An educational system which serves the needs of all — from pre-school children through programs for senior citizens.
  • Improved year-round employment opportunities for all who want and need them to assure growing and sustained county-wide prosperity.
    More information:
  • Find a schedule of upcoming events.
  • Get more information about projects.
  • Become involved in the Advocates fro Benzie County program.
  • Make a contribution to help fund the work of the Advocates.

OUR MEMBERS: We are a group of individuals and representatives from area organizations and business who are committed to working toward the ABC mission and goals. No special knowledge or experience is required, just the will and desire to improve life for all of us. We want to hear from you! Join us, express your ideas and make suggestions for sustainable solutions. Speak up, be heard, and help Build a Better Benzie.

OUR BROCHURE: Click below to download our trifold pamplet.

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